C++ equivalent of Java’s paintcomponent? [closed]

And please no win32, mfc or qt. I fear these are too complex for me for now, unless you really recommend it.

Doing graphics without some kind of framework is actually a lot harder than using any one of the frameworks that you have listed. Orders of magnitude harder … if you could measure hardness objectively.

To echo other people’s recommendations: Qt should be just fine.

I want to learn c++, but I simply cant visualize my programs by the console.

I don’t know if you are expressing yourself clearly, but if you really want to visualize your code (i.e. get some kind of pictorial representation of the code structure) then you should be looking for an IDE that understands C++. Writing your own software to visualize your C++ code is like inventing a new kind hammer when you just need to hammer in a nail.

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