Can I use #include “pch.h” instead of #include “stdafx.h” as my precompile header in Visual Studio C++?

The default precompiled headers name was stdafx.h for several years now. Lately, with VS 2017, they changed the default name the project wizard creates to pch.h. I don’t know why but they did it.

You can adjust the name of the precompiled header file in the Project Properties under Configuration Properties -> C/C++ -> Precompiled Headers. You can also enable or disable the use of them there. You can even define this on a per file basis. You can even configure multiple different Precompiled Header files in one project.

So for you concrete question: There won’t be any kind of issue replacing stdafx.h with pch.h in your tutorial. The tutorial is probably just older and hasn’t been updated yet.

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