Compare two lists of strings using java stream

First of all, the existing solution with a loop is just fine. Simply translating it to a solution that uses streams is not an improvement.

Here’s how I would do it. NB: this is not tested.

// Naive version

List<String> nameList1 = Arrays.asList("Bill", "Steve", "Mark");
List<String> nameList2 = Arrays.asList("Steve Jobs", "Mark", "Bill");

List<String> matchList =

count = matchList.size();

Note that there is no need to both append to a list and increment a count.

If you were going to try to parallelize this, then streams could help, but you would need to do it differently.

Finally, if you are really concerned about performance, and nameList2.size() == N is large enough, it will be faster to convert nameList2 to a HashSet. This turns this from an O(MN) algorithm to an O(M) algorithm.

(By contrast, parallelizing the naive version only gives you O(MN/P) complexity at best where P is the number of processes. And that is making some assumptions, and ignoring potential memory contention effects.)

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