Converting an integer to expected Date value in java [duplicate]

java.time and Year.atDay()

public static void startEndDate(int endDay)
    LocalDate date = Year.of(2020).atDay(endDay);
    System.out.println("For the given end day of " + endDay
                        + " the date returned is : " + date);

Let’s try it out:


Output is:

For the given end day of 35 the date returned is : 2020-02-04
For the given end day of 49 the date returned is : 2020-02-18
For the given end day of 70 the date returned is : 2020-03-10

The documentation of Year.atDay() explains:

Combines this year with a day-of-year to create a LocalDate.

Please fill in your desired year where I put 2020.

I recommend you don’t use Date. That class is poorly designed and long outdated. Instead I am using Year and LocalDate, both from java.time, the modern Java date and time API.

A comment suggested regarding your question as a question of adding a number of days to December 31 of the previous year. IMO regarding it as finding a date from the number of the day-of-year gives a somewhat more elegant solution.


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