Difference between pre- and postfix incrementation in C (++a and a++) [duplicate]

Remember, C and C++ are somewhat expressive languages.

That means most expressions return a value. If you don’t do anything with that value, it’s lost to the sands of time.

The expression


will return a‘s former value. As mentioned before, if its return value is not used right then and there, then it’s the same as


which returns the new value.

printf("%d\n", a++); // a's former value
printf("%d\n", ++b); // b's new value

The above statements will work as you expect, since you’re using the expressions right there.

The below would also work.

int c = a++;
int d = ++b;

printf("%d\n", c); // a's former value
printf("%d\n", d); // b's new value

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