How to Change C# language [closed]

No, that’s not possible (and a bad idea anyway).

C# has a clearly designed specification that defines all language constructs, and such “translations” are not part of it. It would be possible to create a computer language with such a feature, but the impact would be huge:

  • the list of keywords would increase for each “language”(in your example, Si has be a reserverd keyword).
  • learning the language would be harder.
  • the majority of users of the language would not be able to read your code (just think about the fact that each basic type has multiple names.
  • as a professional developer, you would probably still need to learn the english version, and learning the french version first would be wasted time.
  • it would be much harder to write a compiler for such a language (harder == needs more time == costs more money), for very little gain.

So I would not be surprised to see a esoteric fun computer language with such a feature; but a production ready mainstream language? No.

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