How to create string of strings in c++

A string of strings is different than a table or matrix of strings.

String of Strings
Let a string be one or more sequential characters, such as "first".
A string may contain another string or commonly known as a substring. The string "theater" contains at least the strings "the", "eat", and "ate".

Matrix of Strings
A matrix of strings contains rows and columns of strings:

"first"    "second"  "apple"  "car"  
"garden"   "table"   "pear"   "tire"  
"hero"     "cat"     "orange" "window"  
"soil"     "food"    "mango"  "engine"  

A matrix of strings can be declared as:

std::string  string_matrix[4][4];

Other data structures can be used to represent a matrix of strings, such as linked lists.

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