How to get the + – / * from char

C# doesn’t have a built-in way of handling symbols at run-time. Not every language out there is LISP 🙂

In the general case, you’re talking about a compiler – something that takes code as input, and produces executable. There’s many ways to invoke the C# compiler in C#, and they’re very easy to find, so I’m not going to go deeper into this – it’s likely a huge overkill, and presents many troubles with security etc. If you go with run-time code generation at all, Expressions might be a decent compromise between security and flexibility.

In a more specific case, you really want to define your operations the way you want them, which gives you full control over the operations you allow the user (be it a live user or some script, no difference).

Indeed, a simple switch is the clearest solution for something as simple as this. It doesn’t scale well if you want to expand to a full-blown domain-specific language, but it doesn’t need any special knowledge (e.g. compiler theory) – just do the simplest thing that works.

switch (operator)
  case '+': return op1 + op2;
  case '-': return op1 - op2;

Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. Especially when it comes to things like run-time code generation or evaluation 🙂

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