how to make outer lengthy text wrap around & scroll through a fixed/floating without hiding some text behind that [closed]

If I’m understanding the problem correctly, it’s that you are trying to have your text wrap within the div. In order to accomplish this, try adding the following CSS to your div selector:

word-wrap: break-word;

There may be more to it, but it’s hard to tell without the actual CSS and markup. Try including that in your post and we can all get a better idea of how to solve your problem.


Here is a fiddle of my solution in action:


So after getting some clarification from your comment above, it seems you are attempting to wrap the text around the div rather than inside of it. Fixed positioning doesn’t allow you to wrap around the div. There are some “work-arounds” but they are fairly tough to master and might be more trouble than they are worth… You can see this question for more information: How can I wrap text around a bottom-right div?

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