How to read and edit Android calendar events using the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich API?

Here’s code that will let you add an event directly:

import android.content.ContentResolver;
import android.content.ContentValues;
import android.provider.CalendarContract;

import java.util.Calendar;

// Construct event details
long startMillis = 0;
long endMillis = 0;
Calendar beginTime = Calendar.getInstance();
beginTime.set(2012, 9, 14, 7, 30);
startMillis = beginTime.getTimeInMillis();
Calendar endTime = Calendar.getInstance();
endTime.set(2012, 9, 14, 8, 45);
endMillis = endTime.getTimeInMillis();

// Insert Event
ContentResolver cr = getContentResolver();
ContentValues values = new ContentValues();
TimeZone timeZone = TimeZone.getDefault();
values.put(CalendarContract.Events.DTSTART, startMillis);
values.put(CalendarContract.Events.DTEND, endMillis);
values.put(CalendarContract.Events.EVENT_TIMEZONE, timeZone.getID());
values.put(CalendarContract.Events.TITLE, "Walk The Dog");
values.put(CalendarContract.Events.DESCRIPTION, "My dog is bored, so we're going on a really long walk!");
values.put(CalendarContract.Events.CALENDAR_ID, 3);
Uri uri = cr.insert(CalendarContract.Events.CONTENT_URI, values);

// Retrieve ID for new event
String eventID = uri.getLastPathSegment();

You’ll need the CALENDAR_ID, so here’s how to query the list of calendars:

Uri uri = CalendarContract.Calendars.CONTENT_URI;
String[] projection = new String[] {

Cursor calendarCursor = managedQuery(uri, projection, null, null, null);

You’ll need to request the android.permission.READ_CALENDAR permission for all of this to work.

If you want to avoid having to request permissions, you can also ask the Calendar app to create a new event on your behalf by using an Intent:

Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_INSERT)
         .putExtra(CalendarContract.EXTRA_EVENT_BEGIN_TIME, beginTime.getTimeInMillis())
         .putExtra(CalendarContract.EXTRA_EVENT_END_TIME, endTime.getTimeInMillis())
         .putExtra(CalendarContract.EXTRA_EVENT_ALL_DAY , false) // just included for completeness
         .putExtra(Events.TITLE, "My Awesome Event")
         .putExtra(Events.DESCRIPTION, "Heading out with friends to do something awesome.")
         .putExtra(Events.EVENT_LOCATION, "Earth")
         .putExtra(Events.RRULE, "FREQ=DAILY;COUNT=10") 
         .putExtra(Events.AVAILABILITY, Events.AVAILABILITY_BUSY)
         .putExtra(Events.ACCESS_LEVEL, Events.ACCESS_PRIVATE)
         .putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_EMAIL, "[email protected]");

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