I’m working on some practice dataset in python [closed]

If you have a df called train_data like this:

train_data = pd.DataFrame( {'a':[1,2,3], 'b':[2,3,4]})

train_data.isnull().any() tells you if in any column there is a nan element:

a    False
b    False
dtype: bool

for this df: train_data = pd.DataFrame( {'a':[np.nan,2,3], 'b':[2,3,4]})
you will have:

a     True
b    False
dtype: bool

any() is used to know if any of element of the column is np.nan. For this df:

train_data = pd.DataFrame( {'a':[np.nan,5,np.nan], 'b':[2,3,4]}) 

train_data.isnull() will have as output the boolean for each element:

       a      b
0   True  False
1  False  False
2   True  False

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