Javascript: function doesnt work even though condition is met (hard for me to explain)

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You should take more precautions when writing your question, and make sure that it is written in good English, and in a way so that someone who does not priorly know what you want to achieve can understand your goal when reading the question.

I’m gonna try to answer to the parts I think I understand.

if the div has that class it then X function (in this case it’s fadeout) happens

What I understand is that you would like to trigger the execution of function X when the <div> receives a class (clicked?).

Watching a DOM element’s class value changes in Javascript is a problem that doesn’t seem to have a reliable solution. (See related questions.)

thus clicking on it makes X function happen.

Maybe your goal is actually simpler. If you only want to trigger the execution of a function when you click on the <div>, then you’ll have to look at mouse event handlers, especially .click() that allows to

Bind an event handler to the “click” JavaScript event

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