Name class error

I assume that you want help with fixing the exception you get when the script gets into the else statement.

The problem here is very simple. You are subtracting an integer from a tuple.

In fact, the bigger mistake here is that you are not using the range() function properly. You should pass an integer to it for it to work.

The solution is very simple. Change line 10 of your code to: for arg in range(len(args)-1): The len() function returns the length of the args tuple.

So, your code will end up like this:

def returnComparison(comparison, *args):
   # Sample:
   #   returnComparison('greater than', 10, 20, 55) --> 55
   if comparison == "greater than":
      return max(args)
   elif comparison == "less than":
      return min(args)
      flag = True
      for arg in range(len(args)-1):
         if args[arg] != args[arg+1]:
            flag = False
      return flag

Good luck!

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