PLEASE assist me.. RE: *FORM FIELDS* I want to Hide() my "type=text box" until the Other option is chosen in the dropdown option

Two main issues with your original code:

1- Using a wrong selector for the onchange event, replace "Other" by "#title"

2- You were checking if the value is equal to "Other" instead of the "other" you have in your HTML. Be careful, string comparison is case-sensitive!

Below is a working snippet after applying these two changes:

  $('form:first *:input[type!=hidden]:first').focus();
      if($(this).val() == "other") {
      else {
<script src=""></script>

        <legend>Basic Info</legend>

        <label for="name">Name:</label>
        <input type="text" id="name" name="user-name">

        <label for="mail">Email:</label>
        <input type="email" id="mail" name="user-email">

       <label for="title">Job Role</label>
        <select id="title" name="user-title">
          <option value="full-stack js developer">Full Stack JavaScript Developer</option>
          <option value="front-end developer">Front End Developer</option>
          <option value="back-end developer">Back End Developer</option>
          <option value="designer">Designer</option>          
          <option value="student">Student</option>
          <option value="other">Other</option>

      <input type="text" id="other-title" placeholder="Your Job Role"> 


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