react similar JavaScript library [closed]

It is hard to say what you call “complex platform”, React is a library, not a framework or a platform (maybe RN is), so I would not consider it as a complex. There are pretty much libraries which are using virtual DOM rendering, I have few options for you:

  • Deku – a library for rendering interfaces using pure functions and virtual DOM. You write views in a similar way to React (JSX), it looks very similar but more lightweight. You can also make own library based on their diffing and patching API.

  • virtual-dom – This library originally intended to be as a plain rendering engine, so most likely this is what you actually want.

  • Cycle.js – Functional and reactive framework, it is possible to use JSX (usually no JSX in docs), but not necessary. You can use it with RN as I know.

  • Mithril – One more, really lightweight, I use it a lot before I switched to React.

I would say they are all simple, you don’t have o learn specific syntax like while using AngularJS, you use real JavaScript without any hacks.

Hope this help.

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