Genymotion error after windows 10 upgrade

I solved this issue. It’s working fine now. I’m using: + Window 10 + VirtualBox-5.0.2-102096-Win + Genymotion-2.5.3 Step 1: We should set Run as this program as an administrator & Compatibility mode Window 7 for those file. C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox + VBoxHeadless.exe + VBoxManage.exe + VirtualBox.exe C:\Program Files\Genymobile\Genymotion + genymotion.exe Step 2: My Computer -> Manage-> … Read more

React Native adb reverse ENOENT

I got the same issue. I updated my ANDROID_HOME env variable again it worked for me. Follow this React-native android-setup documentation ex: export ANDROID_HOME=~/Library/Android/sdk Windows: set ANDROID_HOME=c:/Users/whoever/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk macOS Mojave and earlier or bash users: 1 – Open your bash profile: open .bash_profile Add this to your bash_profile: export ANDROID_SDK=/Users/<your_computer_name>/Library/Android/sdk export PATH=/Users/<your_computer_name>/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools:$PATH Save and close Compile … Read more

Android Studio – Lollipop, ADB, & Genymotion issues: Devices won’t show up. “adb server is out of date. killing…” [duplicate]

Try running this: killall -9 adb That should remove all running traces of the daemon Edit: Best solution below This issue may be adb incompatibility with the newest version of the platform SDK. The best solution for this issue with Genymotion is to set the Android SDK within Genymotion to your location. This can be … Read more

Not able to start Genymotion device

I had this same issue and here are the specific configuration that I needed to get this to work. First, go to the VirtualBox preferences -> Network. For the “Host-only Networks” tab, focus on the vboxnet0. Click the icon on the left that looks like a screwdriver. For the Adapter tab, fill in the IPv4 … Read more

How do you install Google frameworks (Play, Accounts, etc.) on a Genymotion virtual device? [duplicate]

Update May 28th, 2017: This method is no longer supported by me and doesn’t work anymore as far as I know. Don’t try it. # How To Add Google Apps and ARM Support to Genymotion v2.0+ # Original Source: [GUIDE] Genymotion | Installing ARM Translation and GApps – XDA-Developers Note(Feb 2nd): Contrary to previous reports, … Read more

How to install Google Play Services in a Genymotion VM (with no drag and drop support)?

As of Genymotion 2.10.0 and onwards, GApps can be installed from the emulator toolbar. Please refer to answer by @MichaelStoddart. Next follows former answer kept here for historic reason: Genymotion doesn’t provide Google Apps. To install Google Apps: Upgrade Genymotion and VirtualBox to the latest version. Download two zip files: – ARM Translation Installer v1.1 … Read more