That TextBox should retain the same value even after closing the form? [closed]

You might want to use User Settings. They’re different from Application Settings because they can be read and write between different sessions of the same applications.

You can create a new setting at design time:

  1. Solution Explorer > Properties
  2. Double-click on the .settings file (this creates a new set in the default settings).
  3. Set name and type of your settings, plus an initial value in the value form. The scope is “user”;

At this point, assuming you created a mySetting1 setting of int type, you load this value in the textbox

int myValue = myNamespace.Properties.Settings.Default.mySetting1;
myTextBox1.Text = myValue.ToString();

When closing the form, be sure to save the new value (I assume you checked for integrity):

int myvalue = int.Parse(myTextBox1.Text);
myNamespace.Properties.Settings.Default.mySetting1 = myValue;

More of this on MSDN.


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