Line plot in GnuPlot where line color is a third column in my data file?

This following works for me (gnuplot 4.4) plot “./file.dat” u 1:2:3 with lines palette Hope this helps. When I ran your code gnuplot couldn’t pass the “rgb” part. For an example of using the variable tag see the similar question: GNUPLOT: dot plot with data depending dot size with the useful examples found here: … Read more

Tensorflow: executing an ops with a specific core of a CPU

There’s no API for pinning ops to a particular core at present, though this would make a good feature request. You could approximate this functionality by creating multiple CPU devices, each with a single-threaded threadpool, but this isn’t guaranteed to maintain the locality of a core-pinning solution: with tf.device(“/cpu:4”): # … with tf.device(“/cpu:7”): # … … Read more

Distributed tensorflow: the difference between In-graph replication and Between-graph replication

First of all, for some historical context, “in-graph replication” is the first approach that we tried in TensorFlow, and it did not achieve the performance that many users required, so the more complicated “between-graph” approach is the current recommended way to perform distributed training. Higher-level libraries such as tf.learn use the “between-graph” approach for distributed … Read more

Finding all cycles in undirected graphs

For an undirected graph the standard approach is to look for a so called cycle base : a set of simple cycles from which one can generate through combinations all other cycles. These are not necessarily all simple cycles in the graph. Consider for example the following graph: A / \ B —– C \ … Read more