How do I integrate Beyond Compare with ClearCase?

As mentioned in my previous answer, just modify the map file located in: # up to ClearCase 7.0 c:\program files\rational\ClearCase\lib\mgrs or # ClearCase 7.1 and more c:\program files\IBM\RationalSDLC\ClearCase\lib\mgrs Each map line has 3 parts: the CC filetype, the CC action, and the application. In your case, find the section in the map file for text_file_delta … Read more

Excel – Combine multiple columns into one column

Try this. Click anywhere in your range of data and then use this macro: Sub CombineColumns() Dim rng As Range Dim iCol As Integer Dim lastCell As Integer Set rng = ActiveCell.CurrentRegion lastCell = rng.Columns(1).Rows.Count + 1 For iCol = 2 To rng.Columns.Count Range(Cells(1, iCol), Cells(rng.Columns(iCol).Rows.Count, iCol)).Cut ActiveSheet.Paste Destination:=Cells(lastCell, 1) lastCell = lastCell + rng.Columns(iCol).Rows.Count … Read more