Plot window not responding

The problem is likely to be the graphics toolkit which your installation of Octave is using. To check this, type graphics_toolkit in the Octave command line. If the response is fltk and your plot window is freezing, then switch the default toolkit to gnuplot: graphics_toolkit(‘gnuplot’) Test that the problem is fixed: x=1:10; y=x.^2; plot(x,y) Make … Read more

Plotting labeled intervals in matplotlib/gnuplot

Updated: Now includes handling the data sample and uses mpl dates functionality. import matplotlib.pyplot as plt from matplotlib.dates import DateFormatter, MinuteLocator, SecondLocator import numpy as np from StringIO import StringIO import datetime as dt ### The example data a=StringIO(“””a 10:15:22 10:15:30 OK b 10:15:23 10:15:28 OK c 10:16:00 10:17:10 FAILED b 10:16:30 10:16:50 OK “””) … Read more

Gnuplot plotting data from a file up to some row

It appears that the “every” command in gnuplot is what you’re looking for: plot “filename.txt” every ::1000::2000 using 1:2 with lines Alternatively, pre-process your file to select the rows in which you are interested. For example, using awk: awk “NR>=1000 && NR<=2000″ filename.txt > processed.txt Then use the resulting “processed.txt” in your existing gnuplot command/script.