What is react-native link?

Note: from React-Native 0.60.0 linking packages using react-native link has become redundant. Autolink has been added to the React-Native CLI which means that iOS will now use cocoapods and Android will use gradle. You can read more about Autolinking here. What is react-native link? react-native link is an automatic way for installing native dependencies. It … Read more

JSON Parse error: Unrecognized token’

This Means you are getting Html response from the server probably a 404 or 500 error. Instead of response.json() use response.text() you will get the html in text. fetch(“http:/example.com”, {method: “POST”, body: JSON.stringify( { uname: uname, password: password } ) }) .then((response) => response.text()) .then((responseData) => { AlertIOS.alert( “POST Response”, “Response Body -> ” + … Read more

However, this package itself specifies a `main` module field that could not be resolved

After a long research MetroJS bundler default not compile typescript .ts and .tsx extension files. We need tell MetroJS bundler to compile .ts and .tsx files i solved this error by edit metro.config.js file in root project folder by following. Edited on September 2022 Added cjx and json extensions to below snippet All extensions listed … Read more