How does XSS work?

Cross Site Scripting basically is a security vulnerability of dynamic web pages where an attacker can create a malicious link to inject unwanted executable JavaScript into a Web site. The most usual case of this vulnerabilities occurs when GET variables are printed or echoed without filtering or checking their content. When a victim clicks the … Read more

AntiXSS in ASP.Net Core

The core community has a wiki on this. You can inject encoders at a controller level (in the constructor) or reference System.Text.Encodings.Web. More info can be seen here:

What is the general concept behind XSS?

As the answers on how XSS can be malicious are already given, I’ll only answer the following question left unanswered: how can i prevent XSS from happening on my websites ? As to preventing from XSS, you need to HTML-escape any user-controlled input when they’re about to be redisplayed on the page. This includes request … Read more