Unterminating c++ Program [closed]

You are calling the MathContext constructor-methods directly, change that to to the below
by dropping the first part of MathContext::MathContext to just MathContext

int main(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
    MathContext context[8];
    context[0] = MathContext();
    context[1] = MathContext((unsigned short) 46);
    context[2] = MathContext((unsigned int) 20);
    context[3] = MathContext(MathContext::UP);
    context[4] = MathContext((unsigned short) 36, (unsigned int) 30);
    context[5] = MathContext((unsigned short) 36, MathContext::HALF_DOWN);
    context[6] = MathContext((unsigned int) 25, MathContext::HALF_EVEN);
    context[7] = MathContext((unsigned short) 26, (unsigned int) 29, MathContext::HALF_EVEN);

You are deleting memeory which is not allocated (newed) by you (remove that)

    //delete &base;
    //delete &precision;
    //delete &mode;

In short, your program was hanging due to the weird memory errors you had — direct invocation of a constructor will assume that memory for the object is already allocated + the deallocation of memory which you had not allocated.

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