What's wrong with operator= [closed]

There are quite a few problems, but the one being shown is that your code has

Wektor &operator=(Wektor &wek);

but the operations return a Wektor by value.

The compiler cannot transform a Wektor in a Wektor& because the result is a temporary and the parameter is a non-const reference.

Changing the parameter of assignment to

Wektor &operator=(const Wektor &wek);

will solve this issue (but like said before this code has quite a few other problems).

If you don’t understand why a temporary cannot be converted (bound) to a non-const reference then probably you should read first a bit more about C++ rather that writing code and trying to compile it. Just pick a good book and read it cover-to-cover first, things will be a thousand times easier.

C++ is not a language to learn by experimentation for quite a few reasons, no matter how smart you are (actually being too smart can worsen the situation because sometimes the correct answer is just plain illogical, for historical reasons).

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