Conda takes 20+ minutes to solve environment when package is already installed

A Common Problem: Suboptimal Channel Prioritization Anaconda distribution is designed and tested to use the anaconda channel (a subset of defaults) as its primary channel. Adding conda-forge in either a higher- (channel_priority: strict) or equal-priority (channel_priority: flexible) configuration opens up many of the packages to be sourced from Conda Forge instead, and this is where … Read more

Conda activate not working?

As of conda 4.4, the command conda activate <envname> is the same on all platforms. The procedure to add conda to the PATH environment variable for non-Windows platforms (on Windows you should use the Anaconda Prompt), as well as the change in environment activation procedure, is detailed in the release notes for conda 4.4.0. For … Read more

conda update CondaHTTPError: HTTP None

My original answer got flagged as duplicate because I answered a similar question with the same answer, I wasn’t aware that this is not allowed. I have marked my other response as a duplicate. Hopefully, this stays up! I almost spent two days running in circles trying all the solutions I could find on the … Read more

Conda environments not showing up in Jupyter Notebook

I don’t think the other answers are working any more, as conda stopped automatically setting environments up as jupyter kernels. You need to manually add kernels for each environment in the following way: source activate myenv python -m ipykernel install –user –name myenv –display-name “Python (myenv)” As documented here: Also see this issue. Addendum: You … Read more