Save terminal tabs to saved workspace VSCode

Look at the Restore Terminals extension. For example, in your settings.json: “restoreTerminals.runOnStartup”: false, // true is the default // set to false if using a keybinding or command palette “restoreTerminals.terminals”: [ { “splitTerminals”: [ { “name”: “git”, “commands”: [ “cd <your directory>”, “npm run test” // your git command(s) ] } ] }, { “splitTerminals”: … Read more

Shortcut for running terminal command in VS code

Typically you would set up a build or another task or an npm script and then trigger that with a hotkey. There is another new way to do it with send text to the terminal. For example, try this in your keybindings (Preferences: Open Keyboard Shortcuts (JSON)): { “key”: “ctrl+alt+u”, “command”: “workbench.action.terminal.sendSequence”, “args”: { “text”: … Read more

Changing the default path of Visual Studio Code’s integrated terminal

Short answer Edit the user preference “terminal.integrated.cwd”: “” to the path that you want the integrated terminal to open to. Long answer The same answer, but the long step-by-step version, In Visual Studio Code go to: Menu File → Preferences → Settings Now that you are in the “User Settings“, using the “Search Settings” bar … Read more

Change default terminal app in Visual Studio Code on Mac

Here’s an example of how to make another terminal the default for VSCode, in this example I’ve downloaded iTerm2 and copied iTerm2 to Applications. Code (Menu) > Preferences > User Settings Edit settings.json “terminal.external.osxExec”: “” and “terminal.explorerKind”: “external” Open in Terminal iTerm is now default terminal launched from VSCode

Atom certificate has expired [closed]

As others have pointed out, GitHub has been ”sunsetting Atom”. However, there are other ways to install packages in your existing Atom installation. Example # Clone the repository git clone ~/.atom/packages/platformio-ide-terminal # Change directory to the cloned package cd ~/.atom/packages/platformio-ide-terminal # Install dependencies apm install If you don’t use git, you can simply download … Read more

Color theme for VS Code integrated terminal

You can actually modify your user settings and edit each colour individually by adding the following to the user settings. Open user settings (Ctrl+,) Search for workbench and select Edit in settings.json under Color Customizations “workbench.colorCustomizations” : { “terminal.foreground” : “#00FD61”, “terminal.background” : “#383737” } For more on what colors you can edit you can … Read more