Does Karate supports Neo4j Database?

Karate supports any Java code so that way indirectly you should be able to do anything you want. Please look at this JDBC example which will get you started: dogs.feature. You will need to write a little bit of Java code (one time only) so if you don’t have that skill, please ask someone to … Read more

What does a comma in a Cypher query do?

Since Cypher’s ASCII-art syntax can only let you specify one linear chain of connections in a row, the comma is there, at least in part, to allow you to specify things that might branch off. For example: MATCH (a)–>(b)<–(c), (b)–>(d) That represents three nodes which are all connected to b (two incoming relationships, and one … Read more

Return node if relationship is not present

Update 01/10/2013: Came across this in the Neo4j 2.0 reference: Try not to use optional relationships. Above all, don’t use them like this: MATCH a-[r?:LOVES]->() WHERE r IS NULL where you just make sure that they don’t exist. Instead do this like so: MATCH a WHERE NOT (a)-[:LOVES]->() Using cypher for checking if relationship doesn’t … Read more