How do I find ARM Linux entry point when it fails to uncompress?

We seem to have ported Das U-Boot successfully. There’s evidence that that is a faulty assumption. Just before calling the kernel, the pointer theKernel is 10008000 and not 10800000. Which version of U-Boot are you using? In both 2012.10 and 2013.04 versions of U-Boot, the variable theKernel is only declared and used by code for … Read more

Image vs zImage vs uImage

What is the difference between them? Image: the generic Linux kernel binary image file. zImage: a compressed version of the Linux kernel image that is self-extracting. uImage: an image file that has a U-Boot wrapper (installed by the mkimage utility) that includes the OS type and loader information. A very common practice (e.g. the typical … Read more