Why and how to fix? IIS Express “The specified port is in use”

I had a similar issue running Visual Studio 2019 on Windows 10. Some solutions that worked for others seemed to include: Changing the application port number. Have Visual studio automatically assign a port number each time the application start. Restart Visual Studio Restart the computer. Unfortunately, none of these solutions worked for me, assigning another … Read more

LocalDB SQL Server 2014 Express creates 2 instances (localdb)\ProjectsV12 & (localdb)\MSSQLLocalDB?

The (localdb)\ProjectsV12 and (localdb)\ProjectsV13 instances are created by SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) and should not be used by applications (localdb)\MSSQLLocalDB is the SQL Server Express 2014/2016 LocalDB default instance name and an “automatic instance”. You can use the sqllocaldb.exe command line tool to manage which version (2014 or 2016) owns the MSSqlLocaldb instance And … Read more

Scaffolding controller doesn’t work with visual studio 2013 update 2

Hey for all of you that nothing works, the real answer is you need to remove ANYTHING that has a configSource on the web.config and the connection string needs to be inlined. EDIT: Someone pointed out that it needs to be only <configSettings>, <appSettings>, and <connectionStrings> tags NOT using a configSource attribute. And that he … Read more

How can I set the dpiAware property in a Windows application manifest to “per monitor” in Visual Studio?

New in Windows 10 is dpiAwareness as well as dpiAware, so we need to update this example a bit. Now, it is fine because if dpiAwareness does not exist, then the settings will be inherited from dpiAware. To enable DPI awareness in full, with the latest Win10 support (see Ref URL for other possible options), … Read more

Can I still use Microsoft.Office.Interop assemblies with office 2013?

PIAs are a historical artifact, required only by old .NET versions (before v4). They have been thoroughly and elegantly replaced by the “Embed Interop Types” feature, also known as the “No PIA” feature. Supported since Visual Studio 2010, you’ll find it back in the Properties window when you select a reference assembly. It defaults to … Read more