Why and how to fix? IIS Express “The specified port is in use”

I had a similar issue running Visual Studio 2019 on Windows 10. Some solutions that worked for others seemed to include: Changing the application port number. Have Visual studio automatically assign a port number each time the application start. Restart Visual Studio Restart the computer. Unfortunately, none of these solutions worked for me, assigning another … Read more

LocalDB SQL Server 2014 Express creates 2 instances (localdb)\ProjectsV12 & (localdb)\MSSQLLocalDB?

The (localdb)\ProjectsV12 and (localdb)\ProjectsV13 instances are created by SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) and should not be used by applications (localdb)\MSSQLLocalDB is the SQL Server Express 2014/2016 LocalDB default instance name and an “automatic instance”. You can use the sqllocaldb.exe command line tool to manage which version (2014 or 2016) owns the MSSqlLocaldb instance And … Read more

Scaffolding controller doesn’t work with visual studio 2013 update 2

Hey for all of you that nothing works, the real answer is you need to remove ANYTHING that has a configSource on the web.config and the connection string needs to be inlined. EDIT: Someone pointed out that it needs to be only <configSettings>, <appSettings>, and <connectionStrings> tags NOT using a configSource attribute. And that he … Read more