Are there any benefits in using non-async actions in Play Framework 2.2?

Just because you might use Action.async, doesn’t automatically mean you’re not blocking. It all depends on whether you’re using blocking API or not. Play 2.2 seems to work the same way as Play 2.3 in this manner. There isn’t really a difference between Action.apply and Action.async, other than their signatures. Action.async expects some block of … Read more

how to use “war.context” in Configuration file of Play Framework ?

Take a look at this thread on the Google Groups for a description of what you are asking. In essence, what it is saying, is. In your application.conf file, you set a property such as war.context=/MyAppName Then, in your routes file, you set it up to include your WAR context in the following way … Read more

How do I run a Play Framework 2.0 application as a Windows service?

This worked for me on Windows 7: Create folder C:\my_app Go to your Play! app folder in command line and type play dist Copy generated “something-SNAPSHOT” folder to C:\my_app Download YAJSW and extract to C:\my_app In C:\my_app\something-SNAPSHOT\ make a new file start.bat and fill it with command like this: java -cp “C:\my_app\something-SNAPSHOT\lib\*” play.core.server.NettyServer Save it … Read more