How do I automatically authorize all endpoints with Swagger UI?

If you use Swagger UI v.3.13.0 or later, you can use the following methods to authorize the endpoints automatically: preauthorizeBasic – for Basic auth preauthorizeApiKey – for API keys and OpenAPI 3.x Bearer auth To use these methods, the corresponding security schemes must be defined in your API definition. For example: openapi: 3.0.0 … components: … Read more

Adding Basic Authorization for Swagger-UI

Swagger UI 3.x In Swagger UI 3.13.0+, you can use the preauthorizeBasic method to pre-fill the Basic auth username and password for “try it out” calls. Assuming your API definition includes a security scheme for Basic auth: swagger: ‘2.0’ … securityDefinitions: basicAuth: type: basic security: – basicAuth: [] you can specify the default username and … Read more