Xcode 4 – clang error

Apparently, you’ve set custom compiler flags for the include paths.

Go to your target’s build settings and check this option:

  • Other C flags

If you have something in it, you may replace it by the -iquote version.

Otherwise, still in the build settings, check the value of the following options:

  • Header Search Paths
  • User Header Search Paths

Try to manipulate these values, if applicable.

Otherwise, you may also continue to use GCC as a fronted, instead of Clang.

You can do this by setting the Compiler for C/C++/Objective-C build setting to LLVM GCC instead of Apple LLVM compiler.


Based on your edit, I can see you are using the Three20 library.

Depending on how you include that stuff, you may want to put these search paths to the User Header Search Paths, instead of Header search paths (if you include them with "" instead of <>).
Try to do this for Three20, but leave libxml here…

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