Android-Studio upgraded from 0.1.9 to 0.2.0 causing gradle build errors now

Solution for me without reinstalling or creating a new project: Step 1: Change line in build.gradle from: dependencies { classpath ‘’ } to dependencies { classpath ‘’ } Note: for newer versions of gradle you may need to change it to 0.6.+ instead. Step 2: In the <YourProject>.iml file, delete the entire<component name=”FacetManager”>[…]</component> tag. Step … Read more

How to interpret Gradle DSL

The task foo variation of the task declaration syntax is special in that it’s implemented using a Groovy compiler plugin. As far as I know, this is the only case where a compiler plugin is used to support a special syntax.

Add commons-io dependency to gradle project in Android Studio

As of now (May 2014) if you use the default generated project it is actually amazingly simple (though difficult to find instructions! Open the second level build.gradle, and add the following line to the dependencies {: compile “commons-io:commons-io:+” That will get the latest version of commons-io. My complete file looks like this: apply plugin: ‘android’ … Read more