How to convert a bitmap font (.FON) into a truetype font (.TTF)?

Use FontForge + Autotrace then make some corrections manually. First integrate Autotrace in Fontforge, see Autotracing bitmaps in FontForge. Here is how I have done it, as I wasn’t able to use the win32 version of FontForge: Download, unzip and start Portable Ubuntu Tres. It’s a special linux version that works under Windows! Choose System->Administration->Add/Remove … Read more

Embed font into PDF file by using iText

If you are doing more work with iText, you may want to invest into the iText book – it has examples for all the features of iText. There is a parameter that you specify when you create your font that defines font embedding: BaseFont helvetica = BaseFont.createFont(BaseFont.HELVETICA, BaseFont.CP1252, BaseFont.EMBEDDED); Font font = new Font(helvetica, 12, … Read more

Twitter bootstrap 3 – create a custom glyphicon and add to glyphicon “font”

This process might be one option. You could use the IcoMoon App. Their library includes FontAwesome which would get you off to a quick start, or you download glyphicon, and upload the fontawesome-webfont.svg For your custom icons, create SVGs, upload them to IcoMoon and add them to the FontAwesome / Glyphicon set. When you are … Read more

How to host google web fonts on my own server?

Please keep in mind that my answer has aged a lot. There are other more technically sophisticated answers below, e.g.: neverpanic/google-font-download google-webfont-helper localfont so don’t let the fact that this is the currently accepted answer give you the impression that this is still the best one. You can also now also download google’s entire font … Read more

Proper MIME type for .woff2 fonts

In IIS you can declare the mime type for WOFF2 font files by adding the following to your project’s web.config: <system.webServer> <staticContent> <remove fileExtension=”.woff2″ /> <mimeMap fileExtension=”.woff2″ mimeType=”font/woff2″ /> </staticContent> </system.webServer> Update: The mime type may be changing according to the latest W3C Editor’s Draft WOFF2 spec. See Appendix A: Internet Media Type Registration section … Read more

How to embed .ttf fonts in JavaFx 2.2?

Solution Approach I updated the sample from Javafx How to display custom font in webview? to demonstrate using a custom true-type font in JavaFX controls styled using CSS. Key points are: Place the font in the same location as your application class and ensure your build system places it in your binary build package (e.g. … Read more