HTML 4, HTML 5, XHTML, MIME types – the definitive resource

Contents. Terminology Languages and Serializations Specifications Browser Parsers and Content (MIME) Types Browser Support Validators and Document Type Definitions Quirks, Limited Quirks, and Standards modes. Terminology One of the difficulties of describing this is clearly that the terminology within the official specifications has changed over the years, since HTML was first introduced. What follows below … Read more

Embed a PowerPoint presentation into HTML

Google Docs can serve up PowerPoint (and PDF) documents in it’s document viewer. You don’t have to sign up for Google Docs, just upload it to your website, and call it from your page: <iframe src=”” style=”width:600px; height:500px;” frameborder=”0″></iframe>

Can the tag not be self closed?

In HTML, there are tags which are always self-closed. For example, <hr>Some content here</hr> does not make any sense. In the same way, there are tags which cannot be self-closed. <script> tag is one of them. I am not sure about the reason of no self-closed <script> tags, but the reason might come from the … Read more