Maximum concurrent Socket.IO connections

This article may help you along the way: I wondered the same question, so I ended up writing a small test (using XHR-polling) to see when the connections started to fail (or fall behind). I found (in my case) that the sockets started acting up at around 1400-1800 concurrent connections. This is a short … Read more

Moving from to raw websockets?

The library adds the following features beyond standard webSockets: Automatic selection of long polling vs. webSocket if the browser does not support webSockets or if the network path has a proxy/firewall that blocks webSockets. Automatic client reconnection if the connection goes down (even if the server restarts). Automatic detection of a dead connection (by … Read more

Differences between ZeroMQ and WebSockets

A: Real-Time-Messaging is a nice tag, however You may soon realise, that once going into the territory of Real-Time, there is no justification for spending clock-cycles on wrapping any message into the XHTML-Matrjoska-in-Another-Matrjoska-inside-another-Matrjoska alike envelopes-inside-envelopes and associated inefficiencies. Real-Time struggles to operate in real time, so to spend/lose a minimum achievable time necessary to process … Read more

Does HTTP/2 make websockets obsolete?

After just getting finished reading RFC 7540, HTTP/2 does obsolete websockets for all use cases except for pushing binary data from the server to a JS webclient. HTTP/2 fully supports binary bidi streaming (read on), but browser JS doesn’t have an API for consuming binary data frames and AFAIK such an API is not planned. … Read more

Accessing HttpSession from HttpServletRequest in a Web Socket @ServerEndpoint

Update (November 2016): The information provided in this answer is for the JSR356 spec, individual implementations of the spec may vary outside of this information. Other suggestions found in comments and other answers are all implementation specific behaviors outside of the JSR356 spec. If the suggestions in here are causing you problems, upgrade your various … Read more