iOS 13 Killing app because it never posted an incoming call to the system after receiving a PushKit VoIP callback

On this thread from apple forums, someone from apple staff explained this: On iOS 13.0 and later, incoming Voice over IP calls must be reported when they are received and before the didReceiceIncomingPush() method finishes execution, using the CallKit framework, or the system will terminate your app. Repeatedly failing to report calls may prevent your … Read more

SendEmptyPushNotification to no longer working

Me too man. Let’s figure this out together like Apex Legends. I have submitted a TSI to Apple. They sent out an email on feb 10 saying: On March 29, 2021, token and certificate-based HTTP/2 connections to the Apple Push Notification service must incorporate the new root certificate (AAACertificateServices 5/12/2020) which replaces the old GeoTrust … Read more