Twitter integration:consumer key/secret pair already set

Looking at both the code and documentation, it looks like your method of instantiating a Twitter instance is not recommended. If you want to supply configuration programmatically (and not use properties), it looks like you need to supply a Configuration to the TwitterFactory. … ConfigurationBuilder builder = new ConfigurationBuilder(); builder.setOAuthConsumerKey(CONSUMER_KEY); builder.setOAuthConsumerSecret(CONSUMER_SECRET); Configuration configuration =; … Read more

Twitter API – Display all tweets with a certain hashtag?

This answer was written in 2010. The API it uses has since been retired. It is kept for historical interest only. Search for it. Make sure include_entities is set to true to get hashtag results. See Tweet Entities Returns 5 mixed results with user IDs plus entities for the term “blue angels”: GET

Is there a way to get a user’s email ID after verifying his/her Twitter identity using OAuth?

The user’s email address can not be retrieved via the API. This is a deliberate design decision by the API team. UPDATE 2015.08.18: It is possible to request an email address from users, but it requires your app to be whitelisted. See for details of the API call and this form to request whitelisting … Read more

Replies to a particular tweet, Twitter API

Here is the procedure to get the replies for a tweets when you fetch the tweet store the tweetId ie., id_str using twitter search api do the following query [q=”to:$tweeterusername”, sinceId = $tweetId] Loop all the results , the results matching the in_reply_to_status_id_str to $tweetid is the replies for the post.