SSDT installation issue (Failed to execute EXE package.)

The answer from Nick is very helpful, but I still failed at SSDT-Setup-ENU.exe /repair with the same error Error 0x800703e9: Failed to execute EXE package.. Then I tried it with a very straightforward way: (Disable UserAccountControl first) copy SSDT-Setup-ENU.exe to c:\temp and execute SSDT-Setup-ENU.exe /layout to download a local copy of the bundle. open C:\temp\redist … Read more

Visual Studio 2017 Installer Project – include VC++ 2015 Redistributable

You can’t run that redistributable as a custom action because it’s an MSI-based install, and you cannot run recursive MSI installs (yours calling the VC redist one). In Visual Studio setup projects you’re supposed to use the Prerequisites feature. Right-click the setup project in Solution Explorer, choose Properties, then Prerequisites. This will build a setup.exe … Read more