How to change Angular CLI favicon

Make a png image with same name (favicon.png) and change the name in these files: index.html: <link rel=”icon” type=”image/x-icon” href=”” /> angular-cli.json: “assets”: [ “assets”, “” ], And you will never see the angular default icon again. Size should be 32×32, if more than this it will not display. NOTE: This will not work with … Read more

Angular 15 CLI does not create environments folder when creating an angular project via ng new

See Angular – Configure Environment Specific Defaults EDIT:- As predicted, GitHub Issue After the release of Angular CLI 15.1, a generation schematic will be available to add environment files for all existing build configurations within a project. Example usage: ng g environments To manually create: If you want to recreate environments, follow these steps: Create … Read more

Error: Local workspace file (‘angular.json’) could not be found

I just had the same problem. It’s related to release v6.0.0-rc.2, New configuration format. The new file can be found at angular.json (but .angular.json is also accepted). Running ng update on a CLI 1.7 project will move you to the new configuration. I needed to execute: ng update @angular/cli –migrate-only –from=1.7.4 This removed .angular-cli.json … Read more