:nth-letter pseudo-element is not working [closed]

There is no :nth-letter pseudo-element (and no :first-char) in CSS. The :first-letter pseudo-element (which the question mentions in the title and in the prose but does not use in the code) works, but to color other letters, you must wrap each of them in an element of its own, normally span.

How to create fluid trapezoid image with css?

Updated Answer (Pure CSS3) Extreme requirements sometimes need extreme solutions. I’ve built upon my original answer (below) to make a pure css solution that works (and can be made to work better, if you want to invest the time in it). The current example is a bit “choppy” in rendering, which may be okay for … Read more

How is padding-top as a percentage related to the parent’s width?

From CSS fluid layout: margin-top based on percentage grows when container width increases : In CSS, all four margin: and padding: percentages are relative to the width …even though that may seem nonsensical. That’s just the way the CSS spec is, there’s nothing you can do about it. Straight from the horse’s mouth: ‘padding-top’, ‘padding-right’, … Read more

Double curved shape

Considering : the amount of code needed the hassle of aligning double curves CSS doesn’t seem to be the way to go here and SVG way more appropriate. To illustrate, see these two snippets : SVG DEMO /*** FOR THE DEMO **/ svg{ display:block; width:70%; margin:0 auto; opacity:0.8; } body{ background: url(‘http://lorempixel.com/output/people-q-g-640-480-7.jpg’); background-size:cover; } <svg … Read more