Why is base128 not used? [closed]

The problem is that at least 32 characters of the ASCII character set are ‘control characters’ which may be interpreted by the receiving terminal. E.g., there’s the BEL (bell) character that makes the receiving terminal chime. There’s the SOT (Start Of Transmission) and EOT (End Of Transmission) characters which performs exactly what their names imply. … Read more

Why does base64 encoding require padding if the input length is not divisible by 3?

Your conclusion that padding is unnecessary is right. It’s always possible to determine the length of the input unambiguously from the length of the encoded sequence. However, padding is useful in situations where base64 encoded strings are concatenated in such a way that the lengths of the individual sequences are lost, as might happen, for … Read more

Base64 Encode String in VBScript

I was originally using some VBScript code from Antonin Foller: Base64 Encode VBS Function and Base64 Decode VBS Function. Searching Antonin’s site, I saw he had some code for quoted printable encoding, using the CDO.Message object, so I tried that. Finally, I ported the code mentioned in Mark’s answer to VBScript (also used some code … Read more