How to configure CharacterEncodingFilter in SpringBoot?

Since Spring Boot 1.4.2 registering your own CharacterEncodingFilter will work ONLY IF you disable Spring’s own instance of this bean by setting spring.http.encoding.enabled=false in the However, one can resolve this matter without any Filter instantiation by adding these setting to the # Charset of HTTP requests and responses. Added to the “Content-Type” header … Read more

What is the most common encoding of each language?

On the web, UTF-8 is by far the most common encoding for all languages. That being said, here are the Windows XP locales grouped by default character encoding (“Language for non-Unicode programs“): Big5: zh_HK, zh_MO, zh_TW GBK (≈GB2312): zh_CN, zh_SG Windows-31J (≈Shift_JIS): ja_JP windows-874 (≈TIS-620, ISO-8859-11): th_TH windows-949 (≈EUC-KR): ko_KR windows-1250: bs_BA, cs_CZ, hr_BA, hr_HR, … Read more

Emoji value range

The Unicode standard’s Unicode® Technical Report #51 includes a list of emoji (emoji-data.txt): … 21A9 ; text ; L1 ; none ; j # V1.1 (↩) LEFTWARDS ARROW WITH HOOK 21AA ; text ; L1 ; none ; j # V1.1 (↪) RIGHTWARDS ARROW WITH HOOK 231A ; emoji ; L1 ; none ; j … Read more

Why is base128 not used? [closed]

The problem is that at least 32 characters of the ASCII character set are ‘control characters’ which may be interpreted by the receiving terminal. E.g., there’s the BEL (bell) character that makes the receiving terminal chime. There’s the SOT (Start Of Transmission) and EOT (End Of Transmission) characters which performs exactly what their names imply. … Read more