Compile a .NET Core application as an EXE file using Visual Studio 2017

Update 2019: .NET Core 3.0+ projects will now include an executable for the platform you build on by default. This is just a shim executable and your main logic is still inside a .dll file. But .NET Core 3.0 also introduced single-file deployments so deploying with dotnet publish -r win-x64 -p:PublishSingleFile=True –self-contained false will create … Read more

Compatibility shim used by .NET Standard 2.0

This works by creating all the necessary libraries that are referenced by classic .NET libraries. E.g. in .NET Core the implementation of Object or Attribute is defined in System.Runtime. When you compile code, the generated code always references the assembly and the type => [System.Runtime]System.Object. Classic .NET projects however reference System.Object from mscorlib. When trying … Read more