Getting metadata in EF Core: table and column mappings

Is this metadata available anywhere in EF Core? Yes it is. Just additionally to the properties examine the methods (GetXXX, FindXXX etc.). And pay special attention to Relational() extension methods. For instance: foreach (var entityType in dbContext.Model.GetEntityTypes()) { var tableName = entityType.Relational().TableName; foreach (var propertyType in entityType.GetProperties()) { var columnName = propertyType.Relational().ColumnName; } } You … Read more

Query with `groupjoin` cannot be translated although it’s documened as being supported

The explanation in the linked documentation just follows the EF Core team vision and is ridiculous, because of course it can easily be translated – I had a long discussion with the team here Query with GroupBy or GroupJoin throws exception #17068 and continue here Query: Support GroupJoin when it is final query operator #19930, … Read more