Creating Google Chrome shortcut with –disable-web-security

Just clone the shortcut for chrome you have on your desktop, and then in the shortcut properties add the parameter –disable-web-security (and –user-data-dir) at the end of chrome executable path e.g “C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –disable-web-security –user-data-dir=”C:\tmpChromeSession” Edit #1 : I changed google chrome path, the old one was not correct. I just tried it on XP … Read more

Accessing `window`/DOM/HTML of the webpage from the extension

Problem: extension pages (popup, options, background page in MV2, etc.) are separate from the web page and they have their own DOM, document, window, and a chrome-extension:// URL. Note that service worker doesn’t have any DOM/document/window at all. To inspect each context of the extension use its own devtools. Solution: use a content script to … Read more

Chrome video autoplay

autoplay will only work if you specify it as muted by default, like this. <video autoplay muted> <source src=”″ type=”video/mp4″></source> </video> Don’t worry, users will be able to unmute the video as part of the html5 video element.

How to checkout and BUILD specific chromium tag/branch without download the FULL source code of all history?

This is probably the fastest way to fetch Chromium’s source code. Suppose 59.0.3071.115 is the version of Chromium, you wish to build. You run this command: git fetch +refs/tags/59.0.3071.115:chromium_59.0.3071.115 If you don’t want the history to be fetched (faster fetching of Chromium source code): git fetch +refs/tags/59.0.3071.115:chromium_59.0.3071.115 –depth 1 Now from your Chromium … Read more

“Tainted canvases may not be loaded” Cross domain issue with WebGL textures

are you setting the crossOrigin attribute on your img before requesting it? var img = new Image(); img.crossOrigin = “anonymous”; img.src = “”; It’s was working for me when this question was asked. Unfortunately the URL above no longer points to anything so I’ve changed it in the example below var img = new Image(); … Read more

MP4 not playing on Chrome version 27.0

After running into the same issue – here’re some of my thoughts: due to Chrome removing support for h264, on some machines, mp4 videos encoded with it will either not work (throwing an Parser error when viewing under Firebug/Network tab – consistent with issue submitted here), or crash the browser, depending upon the encoding settings … Read more

Launch IE from a link in Chrome

Ok so I did the following which works : HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT alert (Default) = “URL:Alert Protocol” URL Protocol = “” DefaultIcon (Default) = “iexplore.exe,1” shell open command (Default) = cmd /k set myvar=%1 & call set myvar=%%myvar:alert:=%% &┬ácall “C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” %%myvar%% & exit /B Then have your link <a href=””>link</a>