What is the fastest way to update a google spreadsheet with a lot of data through the spreadsheet api?

I was able to speed up the batch request provided in the official API http://code.google.com/apis/spreadsheets/data/3.0/developers_guide.html#SendingBatchRequests by skipping the QUERY part before the UPDATE. So this is what they have in the example: // Prepare the update // getCellEntryMap is what makes the update fast. Map cellEntries = getCellEntryMap(ssSvc, cellFeedUrl, cellAddrs); CellFeed batchRequest = new CellFeed(); … Read more

Google API to get impressions of youtube videos?

As always YouTube APIs doesn’t provide access to a basic feature but here is a workaround: The following answer is similar to the one I wrote about retrieving Unique viewers from the Audience tab. Go on your Video analytics interface in YouTube Studio. Open the Web Developer Tools Network tab of your web-browser (by using … Read more

Google Video no longer able to retrieve captions?

Captions in default language (single available or English it seems): To get captions of a YouTube video just use this Linux command (using curl and base64): curl -s ‘https://www.youtube.com/youtubei/v1/get_transcript?key=AIzaSyAO_FJ2SlqU8Q4STEHLGCilw_Y9_11qcW8’ -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ –data-raw “{\”context\”:{\”client\”:{\”clientName\”:\”WEB\”,\”clientVersion\”:\”2.2021111\”}},\”params\”:\”$(printf ‘\n\x0bVIDEO_ID’ | base64)\”}” Change the VIDEO_ID parameter with the one interesting you. Note: the key isn’t a YouTube Data API v3 … Read more