Google Video no longer able to retrieve captions?

Captions in default language (single available or English it seems): To get captions of a YouTube video just use this Linux command (using curl and base64): curl -s ‘’ -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ –data-raw “{\”context\”:{\”client\”:{\”clientName\”:\”WEB\”,\”clientVersion\”:\”2.2021111\”}},\”params\”:\”$(printf ‘\n\x0bVIDEO_ID’ | base64)\”}” Change the VIDEO_ID parameter with the one interesting you. Note: the key isn’t a YouTube Data API v3 … Read more

Migrating 50TB data from local Hadoop cluster to Google Cloud Storage

Question 1: The recommended way of moving data from a local Hadoop cluster to GCS is to use the Google Cloud Storage connector for Hadoop. The instructions on that site are mostly for running Hadoop on Google Compute Engine VMs, but you can also download the GCS connector directly, either gcs-connector-1.2.8-hadoop1.jar if you’re using Hadoop … Read more

vertical reference line in google timeline visualization

Create a first task to represent current date: dataTable.addRows([ [”, ‘Hoy’, new Date(2014,9,2), new Date(2014,9,2) ], Create a function with jQuery to make this task longer: function MarcarHoy (div, filas){ $(‘#’+div+’ text:contains(“Hoy”)’).css(‘font-size’,’11px’).attr(‘fill’,’#A6373C’).prev().first().attr(‘height’,filas*41+’px’).attr(‘width’,’1px’).attr(‘y’,’0′); } Call the function: chart.draw(dataTable, options); MarcarHoy(‘example1’,23);, ‘onmouseover’, function(obj) { MarcarHoy(‘example1’); }); } The result: Source: Viviendo en la Era de la … Read more

Google Sheets API returns “The caller does not have permission” when using server key

To solve this issue, try to: Create a service account: In options, create a key: this key is your usual client_secret.json – use it the same way Make the role owner for the service account (Member name = service account ID = service account email ex: [email protected] Copy the email address of your service … Read more

Error: ‘The project id used to call the Google Play Developer API has not been linked in the Google Play Developer Console.’

I understand you. Google confuses you with changing service names and workflows. Their documents aren’t updated enough to match their newest API workflows. I was using the Google Play Developer Service API v2 on the server-side with an alpha-version APK, and had the same error as you: “The project id used to call the Google … Read more