How to use a C# dll in IronPython

import clr clr.AddReferenceToFileAndPath(r”C:\Folder\Subfolder\file.dll”) is the simplest way as proposed by Jeff in the comments. This also works: import clr import sys sys.path.append(r”C:\Folder\Subfolder”) # path of dll clr.AddReference (“Ipytest.dll”) # the dll import TestNamspace # import namespace from Ipytest.dll

Iron Python script for cross Table taggle Rows Grand Total [closed]

A quick Google search turned up this code: from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import * #Script Parameter myVis = myVis.As[Visualization]() #Show grand total for rows (not needed if creating toggle) myVis.ShowRowGrandTotal = True #How to toggle if myVis.ShowRowGrandTotal == False: myVis.ShowRowGrandTotal = True else: myVis.ShowRowGrandTotal = False Reference: Attach that script to a button or some kind … Read more