how do we choose –nthreads and –nprocs per worker in dask distributed?

It depends on your workload By default Dask creates a single process with as many threads as you have logical cores on your machine (as determined by multiprocessing.cpu_count()). dask-worker … –nprocs 1 –nthreads 8 # assuming you have eight cores dask-worker … # this is actually the default setting Using few processes and many threads … Read more

Why isn’t RDBMS Partition Tolerant in CAP Theorem and why is it Available?

It is very easy to misunderstand the CAP properties, hence I’m providing some illustrations to make it easier. Consistency: A query Q will produce the same answer A regardless the node that handles the request. In order to guarantee full consistency we need to ensure that all nodes agree on the same value at all … Read more