What is the best practice in blackberry development for reaching the widest range of smart phones?

Tips for wide range devices The question is: how to write code that will handle different RIM OS, carriers and device models? In code that will depends on available/deprecated API, in workflow about handling carriers features and characteristics of device. First of all, read How To – Develop applications for different BlackBerry Device Software versions … Read more

BlackBerry – use own JAR file in own project

I have managed to solve the problem so have edited the question, and placed the final procedure, with notes, down here: 1) Change the SDK project to be a MIDLET application as per this link (Richard Schilling’s Professional Weblog) The BlackBerry support forum has a post (Working with Libraries) erroneously advises the developer to set … Read more

Using preprocessor directives in BlackBerry JDE plugin for eclipse?

Within the eclipse config file (%ECLIPSE_HOME%\configuration\config.ini) make sure the following line exists. osgi.framework.extensions=net.rim.eide.preprocessing.hook With the current BlackBerry plugin ( config line is added for you. I’m not sure about older versions of the plugin. Also, checkout this Stack Overflow question for more information on the BlackBerry preprocessor. Preprocessor directives supported by the RIM compiler

“Tunnel Failed” exception in BlackBerry Curve 8520

common problem and also answered many times DeviceInfo.isSimulator() then extension is “;deviceside=true” and BisConnection then extension is “;deviceside=false;ConnectionType=mds-public” and BesConnection then extension is “;deviceside=false” and WifiConnection then extension is “;interface=wifi” in this way specific extensions or available so this is not a good way to using extensions we have to classes 1)HttpConnectionFactory 2)HttpConnectionFactoryException just import … Read more

Image Button in BlackBerry

here you go, complete code: import net.rim.device.api.system.Bitmap; import net.rim.device.api.ui.Graphics; import net.rim.device.api.ui.component.ButtonField; /** * Button field with a bitmap as its label. */ public class BitmapButtonField extends ButtonField { private Bitmap bitmap; private Bitmap bitmapHighlight; private boolean highlighted = false; /** * Instantiates a new bitmap button field. * * @param bitmap the bitmap to use … Read more