Reliably detecting PhantomJS-based spam bots

I very much share your take on CAPTCHA. I’ll list what I have been able to detect so far, for my own detection script, with similar goals. It’s only partial, as they are many more headless browsers. Fairly safe to use exposed window properties to detect/assume those particular headless browser: window._phantom (or window.callPhantom) //phantomjs window.__phantomas … Read more

PhantomJS fails to open local file

PhantomJS can open local files without any problems. The url have to follow classic Url/Uri rules, especially for a local file. /Full/Path/To/test.html is not valid for PhantomJS. Is it a local file or a web resource? Depending of the path, just try with something like this: file:///C:/Full/Path/To/test.html or if it’s hosted in a web server: … Read more